Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Slippers For Swollen Feet - Diabetic & Edema Deep Slippers

Product Features of Silvert’s Slippers :

  • Extra Wide Width – Terrific for Swollen Feet or Ankle
  • Generous Fit
  • Slip Resistant Soles – Helps Prevent Potential Slips and Falls
  • Adjustable Easy Touch Closure – Accommodates Different Levels of Swelling
  • Quality Footwear – Super Comfortable

The Best Extra, Extra Wide Width Men's Slippers with adjustable closures accommodate even the most swollen feet and swollen ankles in fabulous comfort. Do not go up a size to accommodate width or swelling. A great choice for elderly with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes, swollen feet or ankles and podiatry foot problems.

These diabetic slippers extra wide width men's slippers feature an Easy Touch adjustable hook and loop fastener. Silvert’s Easy Touch Closures make footwear adjustable and easy to put on. Memory foam insoles for mens feet offer the ultimate in comfort! Anti-bacterial to control odor and stains. Slip resistant. This WW wide fit slipper has been worn as a shoe. Terrific for those with arthritis, lowered hand dexterity & Diabetics. These adjustable extra wide slippers or wide width slippers by Silvert's make the best diabetic slippers for men and ideal for men in rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, home care and long term care facilities.. Bedroom or house slippers make an ideal gift for home care, hospital or nursing home patient resident settings.

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