February 26, 2015

Paging Dr. Grey

I have a little confession.


The year is 2015 and I am ashamed to say that until Tuesday evening I had NEVER watched a single episode.

This is ten years after the first episode aired.

I remember when it first premiered. I was a freshman in college and EVERYONE on my dorm floor was talking about it. They would get into their comfy sweats, grab their pillows and blankets, and commune in whomever’s room that was chosen to host that week. The entire next day was filled with gossip about what had happened in the show the night before and how incredibly hot “McDreamy” was.

Fast forward to a few years back. I was visiting family in Delaware and while at my parents house when one night I came home so find my younger sisters, mother, and father cozied up in the family room watching Grey’s.

“Dad, you seriously watch this show?”

“Yeah, it’s about sex, drama, and medicine. How could you not.”

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs.

Truth is.

February 23, 2015

My First Ipsy: February 2015

Goodness, let me tell you Cold and Flu season is NO joke! Last Sunday G and I had to fore go church due to a sore throat that I came down with. I know that seems silly to skip church over, I wasn’t dying but I wasn’t sure what I was coming down with and when 90% of the church are elders I would really not wish to be responsible for an epidemic to break out across the community!

::: Cue the overly dramatic music now :::

February 11, 2015

February Fabletics


Are you on the Fabletics band wagon yet? I am!

In November I became a subscriber after going through all of my workout gear and realizing that all of it is from college. I realized that all of the waist bands in my shorts are dry rotted, not to mention the fabric is see through since they are so old and worn. I am a bit nostalgic so it’s hard for me to part ways with things that bring me such great memories. However, it was time PAST time to invest in new fitness apparel that fit my not so 20 year old body anymore and made me feel good again while working out.

When I heard of Fabletics I wasn’t sure about fit and quality but the first outfit was only $25.99 and included a sports bra, top, and bottom. It was worth it. You take an assessment to see which outfits fit best with your workout routines. Are you more into Yoga or do you prefer to run? Do you like shorts or do you prefer fitness leggings?

Once you sign up to become a VIP each month 5 outfits are selected for your fitness style. From there you can either purchase an outfit or within 5 days choose to skip the month. If you forget then they automatically charge you a credit towards the next month. That’s the only bummer.

Last month I decided to pass, I wasn’t feeling too particular about any of the apparel and the ones I did like were already sold out. This month I received a “sneak peak” and knew right away I wanted to order before my sizes ran out.

So here is my February Fabletics outfit:


Cute right! My favorite part of Fabletics are the sports bras. They all come with padding, adjustable straps, along with bra hooks. Super comfortable!


These are the first pair of shorts I have purchased. Up until now I’ve gotten leggings which I’ve loved. The shorts are great and I was happy to see that they came lined.


The tank top is thin and has a mesh lower back which is fantastic during my work outs.


Can’t wait to show you my next outfit!


*This post is not sponsored.

Femme Fitale Fit Club
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